TPW Commission Hearing Update

The Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPW) Commission Public Meeting in August was a big success for mountain lions.  During the public comment period on August 24, over 20 people gave testimony supporting mountain lion conservation and encouraging the TPW Commission to manage mountain lions in Texas. Texans for Mountain Lions was there, as well as other organizations including Texas Chapter of The Wildlife Society, Texas Conservation Alliance, Sierra Club, Defenders of Wildlife, Panthera, Texas Native Cats, and rural and urban citizens concerned about mountain lion conservation in Texas.

We also delivered two large binders with a copy of the Letters of Support that were submitted through the Texans for Mountain Lions website. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for your support and inspired by your comments on the importance of change for mountain lions in Texas.

At the meeting, a few people spoke up with concerns about establishing regulations, but most of those concerns were based on incorrect information and a misunderstanding of what Texans for Mountain Lions is proposing.  We are not anti-hunting or anti-trapping.  Our proposed 6 steps to responsible management include monitoring and regulating mountain lion populations in Texas and establishing ethical standards for trapping and hunting practices.

On August 25, the Commission was also briefed by agency staff on the past and current research and status of mountain lion populations. The resulting discussion included the Commission's directive for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department staff to promptly form a stakeholder advisory group to discuss mountain lion issues. We are encouraged that this stakeholder advisory group is being formed and believe that voices from all perspectives are needed and should be heard as the state moves forward with a management plan that ensures healthy mountain lion populations in Texas.

We will keep you updated as things progress on the forming and convening of the mountain lion stakeholder advisory group. If you have suggestions for individuals or organizations that you would like to see included in this group, or if you want to share your support of this process, you can submit these using the Texas Parks and Wildlife Comment Form.

TPW Commission Meeting Recordings (August 2022)

Audio recordings of the TPW Commission meeting in August are available on their website or you can click the following links to download the MP3 files:

●      Public Hearing Comments

●      Staff Briefing on Mountain Lions (3:06-3:28)

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