This is an important moment for mountain lions in Texas, but your voice is needed.  In May, Texas Parks and Wildlife Commissioners will be voting on proposed regulations for mountain lions that will 1) ban canned hunting, and 2) establish a 36-hour trap check rule.

Show your support by clicking the button below to access the TPWD Public Comment Form and selecting “Agree Completely.”

The deadline for comment is May 21.  

Here’s why these actions are important.

1.  Canned hunting of mountain lions isn’t common in Texas, but it can legally happen by an individual trapping a live lion and releasing it for a hunter (who often doesn’t know it was trapped).  This practice is condemned by pretty much everyone, especially hunters who value fair chase and the North American Model of Conservation.

2.  The 36-hour trap check requirement would make it illegal for mountain lions to be left in traps for days or weeks on end, until they die from dehydration and exposure. This action would reduce unnecessary suffering but wouldn’t restrict landowners from trapping for predator management.  Regularly checking the traps will also reduce the number of fatalities for non-target bycatch species, such as the state protected black bear.

This is the first time in Texas history that a vote will be held that recognizes our apex animal as an incredible species that should be conserved and managed respectfully.  It is an historic opportunity to support the symbol of wildness in our home.